Who are we

The Asociación Empresarial de Mercadorías por Estrada de Galicia APETAMCOR is the representative professional organisation in Galicia of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed workers of the sector of the transport of commodities by road, that has nowadays 4 permanent headquartes in Galicia: Ourense (central services), Santiago de Compostela, O Porriño and Lugo.

It was founded in 1978 as Asociación Provincial de Empresas de Transporte Autónoma de Ourense as association of provincial field. It was founded again in 1989 as Asociación Empresarial de Transporte de Mercadorías por Estrada de Galicia, and it achieve in its statutes Galician level. The valid social Statutes establish that the association is a non-profit-making organization and is totally independent of the Public Administrations, unions and political parties. Likewise, they define as the purpose of the association representation, management, defence and coordination of the common interests of its members, pointing out this as essential:

Defending the professional interests of its associated, representing to the associated in front of the Administration regarding decisions, projects of laws or measures of diverse kind that can affect to the common activity, collaborating with it through the upper level entities in what is integrate and by the different procedures place at disposal by the current laws.

Defending of the free enterprise as a basic factor of the economy, understood as the conjunction of the economic and social factors that integrate it.

Representing its members in negotiations on collective agreements, strikes, locking out and every actions in front of the Administration Bodies, that might require it.

Planning formative, technical and comercial kind activitiesto carry out its aim.

Providing legal and finacial advicing and information servicesin specific subjects.

Promoting gender equality with the implementation of measures that encourage in the effective incorporation of the woman to the sector; the conciliation of the labour and familiar life; the integration of the social segments more disadvantaged; the defence, respect and protection of the environment; the promotion and development of the prevention of occupational risks in the companies; the implantation of quality and environmental management systems. In definitive, to promote social responsibilities of business among its members.

Developing initiatives oriented towards the effective incorporation of its members and the transport sector in general to the information society and to the communication new technologies.

Apetamcor has a staff composed by profesionals divided in the 4 headquarters. They are divided in different departments and technical areas of the organisation:

Legal Consultancy specialized in transport.

Tax and Labour Consultancy specialized in transport.

Training Area

Prevention of occupational risk service

Innovation, New Technologies and Digital Tachograph Area

Administrative Management Service: Traffic, Mobility, etc.

Supplies Cooperative: fuel, insurances, tolls, etc.

Labour Orientation and employment promotion service