legal consultancy

We have a legal consultancy in APETAMCOR with a wide experience in the haulage sector, that render them the following services to ours associated:

        • Disciplinary proceedings, initiated by the different administrations (Traffic,Transports, Environment administration,…)
        • Administrative appeals and judicial appeals.
        • Lodge claims in the transport arbitration board
        • Constitution and dissolution of societies.
        • Transport Inspections.
        • Grants to abandon the profession.
        • Juridical reports about any query referred to the different administrations:
          • Fulfilment of the General terms and conditions.
          • gross vehicle weight rating.
          • Land Transport Planning Act and its Regulations.
          • Different administrative transport rules
          • International Haulage.
        • Debt Collection and prosecution
        • Claim of Standstill.
        • Lawsuites at the Labour Court.