Safty adviser

The companies that carry out transport or loadind and downloading operations with dangerous commodities, as it is established in the First Final Disposal of the Real Decreto 551/2006 5th May, that regulates the transport operations of dangerous commodities by road, must deliver, to the autonomous community where is the headquarters an annual report elaborated like it is established in the Order FOM/2924/2006, 19th September. This disposition, regulates the minimum content of the annual report to transport of commodities by road, by railway and by waterway.

  • We make easier and simplify the administrative handlings to ours associated in the fulfilment of that duty, elaborating the appropriated reports.
  • We impart the preparatory training for the title of safety adviser
  • Dangerous commodities: besides everything, this department deal with handling and advice about everything linked with the transport of dangerous commodities and the A.D.R.