New technologies

It exists a big gap in the companies of the sector, between the big companies where the degree of implantation and use of the known like «Intelligent transport Systems, ITS» (GPS, management fleets’ software, remote download of the digital tachograph) It is very overhead and the small transport business, that by its characteristic, the implantation could affirm that it is non-existent (no only the use of the ITS if no that also of other fundamental tools nowadays how it and-mail).The market and the current society impose to the few enter the new technologies in the ours daily life. The technological innovation offers also to the sector of the haulage tools of work with multiples advantages.

APETAMCOR advances also in this field and offers, go in other services:

  • The personal data protection, as it´s regulated in the Organic Law 15/99 of the 13th December (BOE 14/12/1999).
  • General and personal advice about any computing question of your company, and the implantation of tools technological tools to improve your company’s performance.
  • Training and tracking in the implantation of the Digital Tachograph. This is an important transformation in the carrier’s way of work and in his legal obligations.
  • Web Design.

All this frames within a philosophy of work in which APETAMCOR, like professional association that includes self-worked and SME manly, and expect to be a connection among the small companies, with the purpouse that they jointly develop specific projects that they allow them in each moment give concrete solutions to the own needs of the companies of transport with the objective to compete in equality of conditions in the market.