We advice you, from APETAMCOR, for procurement of your transport authorization to the national transport, inside the state (card of transports) how to make transports in other States, members of the EU (community licence) or are not members (bilateral authorizations). Our specialized staff knows in depth all the necessary requirements, as well as the distinct roads to its fulfilment.

We also process, and we notify you, the renewal of permissions (visas) as the changes in these (increase or reduction of the vehicles number, changes in its demanded requirements for the obtaining of this permission…)

Traffic Procedures:

  • Registrations, transfers, discharges, change of service, … our service purpouse, the sector make us be aware that the companies of the sector need to execute all these formalities in a fast way, because, during the execution of this formalities the vehicles are without working. This is the reason because we have in our headquarters with a wide experience full-time staff to curry out this service.
  • Special permissions ( freight transport of bigger dimensions or weights than the allowed): our professionals advice you in the effective solution that is adapted to the load haulaged.
  • Other formalities to transport certain commodities. We advice you in each moment of the specific legal requests for the development of your activity:
  • Waste materials
  • Haulage of alive animals
  • Haulage of animal waste and spin off
  • Transport of products for the human consumption